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Our History

Kodiak was born out of a small investment group called Boreas Advisors founded by Steve Swinney, Brian Cleveringa, Eric Miller, Kyle Barker, and Paul Hylbert. During the disruptive and devastating Great Recession in 2008, the team had been doing financial and economic analysis and mergers and acquisitions for the construction industry and saw that there was an incredible investing opportunity.


After working in and learning about the building materials and construction industry, the Boreas founders felt that building a decentralized, locally-driven, and entrepreneurial consolidator had never been done successfully without damaging the culture of legacy companies— with that goal in mind, Kodiak Building Partners was born.


Although Kodiak has a relatively short history in the industry so far, we have successfully maintained our founding principles throughout every acquisition over the past 12 years. “The culture and legacy our operating units have created is something we will always strive to honor and protect,” says CEO Steve Swinney. “Our focus is to support our employees and provide an environment for our businesses and teams to grow and thrive in.”


As Kodiak enters the next decade, our promise to you is to continue to pursue the vision we have created, evolve, adapt as we grow, and never stop trying to be better tomorrow than we are today.

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