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Ready to help those in need.

The Kodiak Building Partners Foundation was established to have available monies in place in times of need for both our communities and employees. After Hurricane Harvey hit Zarsky Lumber’s Port Aransas location in 2017, upending hundreds of employees as well as their place of work, Kodiak founded the Foundation in 2020 to ensure help for our Kodiak Family members affected by unforeseen events such as deaths in the family, natural disasters, COVID-19, and other tragedies.

The Foundation facilitates individual operating companies in collecting donations for the charities they support, as well as for Kodiak to accept donations to help our employees in need with two funds: the Employee Assistance Fund and the General Fund. We encourage serving the communities we live in, and we also want to create and build a culture of giving when one of our own is in need.

Foundation Board Members

Our Foundation is led by volunteers from different Kodiak headquarters and different operating companies in the Kodiak Family. This team meets bi-monthly to evaluate community requests as well as review Employee Assistance Fund applications.

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Steve Swinney | Chief Executive Officer

Chairman, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation



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Jeff Jones | Sales Manager, Barton Supply

President, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation



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Chris Borrego | President, Premier Building Supply

Vice President, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation



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Megan Denissen | Accounting Manager

Treasurer, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation



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Martin Vasquez-Gomez | Store Manager, Zarsky Lumber Co.

Committee Member, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation



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Moreen Caliri | Director, HR Process & Operations

Committee Member, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation



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