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Working with Kodiak Building Partners

Sometimes businesses need a solid investor to back them during a time of transition. In working with Kodiak Building Partners, you’ll have not only an investor, but a partner. KBP works hard to be adaptable, understanding that each business has its own unique set of needs. We’ll back your business not only by investing in it, but by representing your business with marketing, financial, administrative, and operating support. We do it all at the local level, too, because we believe that the building materials industry can’t be anything other than a local business. When partnering with Kodiak, your business becomes part of our family. Kodiak is dedicated and committed to maintaining its entrepreneurial culture. This is the key focus with any company that joins the Kodiak Family.​


When considering potential suitors for my company, the culture and how the employees would be treated were key points for me. Kodiak conveyed that they would leave the culture and local management in place, as that is their model. I am pleased to say that has been the case from day one until now, six years later. My plan was to work for two years after the sale, but here I am six years later still a proud employee of Kodiak. That speaks volumes as to how Kodiak looks at and handles their new companies.

Greg Lyon