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To enable and motivate the greater Kodiak family to improve the communities we serve and the lives of our employees in times of need.

Commitment to our Employees

Kodiak, from the beginning, rooted its culture in helping and serving others in our communities.  Along with that, we also believe in helping one other.  

 We want to be prepared to help our employees in times of hardships, natural disasters, and unforeseen events. Our employees across the United States are our greatest asset, and we truly are one big family.  We encourage serving the communities we live in, and we also want to create and build a culture of giving, when one of our own is in need.   

 The Kodiak Building Partners Foundation was established to have available monies in place, in times of need, for our communities and employees.  The Foundation facilitates individual operating units collect donations for the charities they support, as well as for Kodiak to solicit donations to help our employees during unforeseen events.

 We are family, we are Kodiak Strong!


Please consider donating to the Kodiak Building Partners Foundation Employee Assistance Fund.  Donations will be used to help Kodiak families in need and/or those impacted by COVID-19.  

Text KodiakStrong to 243725 or click Donate Now

Employee Assistance Application


Grants will be considered for the following situations:  extraordinary medical expenses, childcare needs, financial hardship, employee or family member directly affected. Grants for up to $750.00 per employee will be taken in consideration.  

Please click on application button and email completed application to: kbpfoundation@kodiakbp.com.