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Commitment to Employees

Our culture and our people are what make the Kodiak Family unique— relationships between operating unit leaders and the Kodiak team are built on trust and collaboration. As Kodiak continues to grow in the future, we are dedicated to make a conscious effort to communicate consistently with our employees, dedicate time and resources to help them meet their goals, and prioritize the family we have built.


Employee Engagement

Periodically, we conduct an Employee Engagement survey to gather information to continue to grow our businesses and enhance the employee experience and dedication to our vision and mission.

For 2020, we achieved a participation rate of 76% with an overall engagement score of 84%- a percentage that well surpasses industry engagement average! In the coming years we hope to continually improve our employee engagement and satisfaction to evaluate our organization and improve.

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Employee Development & Growth

The Kodiak North Star Program is a multi-faceted approach to educating and building leaders in every company and throughout every level of the organization.

The program embodies an integrated approach to leadership education from leadership development, individual assessments, and management principles to tactical management skills, mentorship, and education.


Kodiak Communications

In an effort to reach ALL Kodiak employees, including those that work in the field and do not have desks, we created an app that was free to all employees that they voluntarily could download.

Included in the Kodiak App are posts about happenings at various companies throughout the organization, corporate news, HR information, safety tips, and occasionally, silly or lighthearted jokes. Our desire is to share the Kodiak voice with every employee to enhance their Kodiak experience.

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