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In July 2011, Kodiak Building Partners was founded with the idea that the building material sales and distribution industry was mainly comprised of family-run businesses and the knowledge that retaining their cultures and reputations would be the key to our success. Kodiak was designed to become a family of those legacy companies, allowing them to retain their unique brands, while supporting their “back office” needs and growth initiatives. Acquired companies retain their names and continue to make grassroots-level decisions by the leadership that is on the ground and knows their own needs and markets.

The corporate office allows its diverse companies to focus on what they do best by handling, on their behalf, the ever growing “to-do” lists of tasks such as shopping for the best health insurance for our employees, administering the 401K Plan, overseeing everyone’s safety programs, securing property and casualty insurance, and keeping up with budgeting and finance. The model works, as Kodiak sets up its acquisitions for success. Traditionally, our acquired companies organically grow between 15-20% per year. The larger Kodiak umbrella grows by continuing to acquire new companies.

The diversity that was mentioned above means that our companies are not pigeon-holed into one segment. Our companies sell not only lumber and building materials but rebar, steel, concrete supplies, gypsum, cabinetry, and appliances. We serve a wide variety of construction markets: new residential and commercial, infrastructure, repairs, and remodels. Additionally, we are deliberately positioned throughout the country. By design, we are better positioned to ride the ebbs and flows that naturally occur in different product segments, as well as geographies.

Our companies are comprised of great people… hard working, salt-of-the-earth type folks… who strive every day to simply be better than they were the day before. They also serve their communities by participating in efforts that benefit Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, the military, and any number of non-profits. Kodiak encourages and expects community service. For the 2 nd year in a row, we were ranked on Inc Magazine’s Inc 5000 list, reflecting our position as a fast-growing innovator, along with the #11 position on the ProSales 100 list of the country’s top pro-oriented full-line lumberyards and specialty dealers. Kodiak has been featured in both business publications and trade journals and has also won awards for various features at some of our locations.

It is our intention to be the best place in our industry to work, to do business, and invest. We will strive to fulfill these goals by collaborating within our ranks, listening to and respecting one another, focusing on personal development, and always acting with integrity.

“We strive to have a decentralized, entrepreneurial, locally driven company. If you’re truly doing that, you don’t need a lot of layers.” ~ Steve Swinney, CEO

Our Values

The heart of Kodiak is our culture. Valuing and trusting our employees, honoring the experience they bring to the table, rewarding dedicated work, and servicing the communities in which we live.

The success of our business is dependent of the trust and confidence we earn from our employees, customers, and shareholders. We gain credibility by adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity, and reaching company goals solely through honorable conduct. It is easy to say what we must do, but the proof is in our actions. Ultimately, we will be judged on what we do.




Our gypsum group consists of suppliers along the Colorado Front Range and Mid-Atlantic region, all of them devoted to providing drywall, insulation and other materials to contractors in these areas.


The Interiors group provides appliances, cabinets and other fixtures to builders and remodelers across major markets in Texas, Colorado and Arizona.


Businesses within the Building Materials group provide lumber, doors, hardware and other building supplies to contractors in 38 locations across Boston, the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Central and South Texas, Florida and the Gulf Coast.


The Construction Supplies group provides steel and concrete products to homebuilders, general contractors, framing and foundation sub-contractors