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BUILDING ACROSS THE USA Kodiak partners with locally
owned and operated building
materials companies to build
residential and commercial
properties across the U.S.
About Us
Building MaterialS Industry Acquisitions Kodiak is one of the largest
and most experienced building
materials acquisition firms in
the U.S.
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Decentralized Culture
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Founded in 2011, Kodiak Building Partners was created with the idea that the building material sales and distribution industry was mainly comprised of family-run businesses and the knowledge that retaining their cultures and reputations would be the key to our success.

Kodiak was designed to become a family of those legacy companies, allowing them to retain their unique brands, while supporting their “back office” needs and growth initiatives.

Total Locations

29 Companies in 22 States

Total Employees

Leadership Team

Kodiak is led by one of the most experienced leadership teams in the country with a focus on collaboration, decentralization, and family.

Operating Team

Meet the operating leadership team who drive the success behind each and every one of our operating units.

Steve Swinney

Chief Executive Officer

“We want to serve our employees, support them, be a blessing to them, and create an environment where they can then do those same things for their customers and vendor partners.”

Matt LaScola

VP, Corporate Development & Real Estate

“Kodiak operates differently than most acquisition firms of the same nature- we focus on acquiring companies who share our value proposition, want to continue operating locally, keep their team, and preserve their legacy.”

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