ENGLEWOOD, Colo., November 29, 2023— Kodiak Building Partners, a premier distributor of building materials and construction products, has promoted three leaders as part of its continued commitment to growth and excellence. The newly promoted leaders, Beau Hayes, Chris Borrego and Cliff Shimer will play pivotal roles in Kodiak’s journey of expansion. These appointments are a testament to Kodiak’s unwavering focus on empowering and supporting its operating companies while maintaining a streamlined organizational structure.

“As Kodiak continues to successfully execute its growth strategies, operations have naturally become more complex,” said EVP of Operations of Kodiak Building Partners Mike Flood. “Fortunately, we have successfully recruited and retained talented and experienced operators that provide us with the management depth necessary to succeed in the competitive building products distribution environment.”

The leadership, experience, and commitment these individuals have demonstrated will have a direct impact on Kodiak’s growth strategy by spearheading innovative initiatives, fostering strategic partnerships and driving operational efficiency.

Hayes, who serves as president of Jones Heartz Building Supply, Drywall Material Sales and Western Interior Supply, will now lead Kodiak’s Gypsum division as senior vice president, which encompasses Drywall Materials Sales, Freedom Acoustics, Freedom Materials, Jones Heartz Building Supply, and Western Interior Supply. Hayes’s extensive industry experience and successful track record in managing diverse building material operations position him as a key driver of Kodiak’s growth strategy, particularly in leading the Gypsum division, showcasing his ability to optimize operations and navigate market complexities.

Borrego will continue his role as president of Premier Building Supply of Kansas City, which he’s held since 2019, while adding responsibilities for Kodiak’s strategic direction, guidance and support of LBM operations in the Midwest and South regions as senior vice president for Kodiak. These businesses include Christensen Lumber, Direct Lumber & Door, Premier Building Supply and Zarsky Lumber Company. Borrego’s leadership expertise will play a pivotal role in optimizing operations, implementing best practices and fostering collaboration across these regions, aligning with Kodiak’s goals for sustained success and growth.

Shimer will take on the role of senior vice president, leading LBM operations in the Southeast in addition to his current position as president of American Builders Supply (ABS). He will continue to oversee the operations of 11 ABS facilities, while providing strategic oversight and support for ABS, Keys Lumber/Forest Tek and Sunrise Builders Supply.

“For Kodiak to continue expanding as we have over the past 12 years, we need talented executives who support and execute our business strategies,” said CEO of Kodiak Building Partners Steve Swinney. “These promotions underscore that goal and allow us to bring top-tier talent to our strategic, long-term goals.”

Kodiak continues to excel in the market while supporting its operating companies across the nation. These strategic promotions represent a significant step towards further growth and success.

About Kodiak Building Partners

Founded in 2011, Kodiak Building Partners is a leading acquisition firm specializing in acquiring and supporting locally owned and operated building materials companies. With a strong focus on operational excellence, decentralization, and continual improvement, Kodiak empowers these businesses to succeed in the communities they serve. Kodiak’s operation employs thousands of people across the country to serve general contractors, homebuilders, sub-contractors, remodelers, and consumers.

For more information about Kodiak, please visit www.kodiakbp.com