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Chris Borrego

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Chris Borrego joined the Kodiak team as President of Premier Building Supply of Kansas City in August of 2019. He also serves on the Board of the Kodiak Building Partners Foundation as Vice President. In 2023, Chris was promoted to Senior Vice President to oversee Kodiak’s LBM operations in the Midwest and South.

As President, Chris is responsible for providing leadership, guiding the development of strategic planning and structure, recruiting key team members and market leadership teams, and developing support processes, policies, and procedures at Premier.

“Premier Building Supply is setting new standards for efficiency, quality, and service in the Kansas City market by leveraging our use of technology for estimating and design with offsite manufacturing and onsite labor installation.”

Chris brings over 30 years of industry experience in operations management, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Before his role at Premier, Chris served as President of Builders Warehouse Inc. working with the board of directors to develop and implement strategies to support growth and value creation. Before that, he also worked as the Executive Vice President supporting the efforts of the leadership team while leading and supporting the operational efforts of the company including manufacturing, LBM, the design center, and retail sales for the company.

In addition to his leadership roles in the LBM industry, Chris also served as President of the Mountain States Lumber & Building Materials Dealers Association where he advocated for industry interests as part of the National Lumber & Building Materials Dealer Association Spring Conference in Washington, DC. Chris has been involved in multiple industry and community organizations including the National Home Builders Association, the Structural Components Builders Association, the Mid-America Lumbermen’s Association, the North American Retail Hardware Association, and his local church.

Chris graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BS in Business Administration, Management.

Industry Expertise

  • Vice President, Kodiak Building Partners Foundation
  • President, Mountain States Lumber & Building Material Association
  • Member, National Home Builders Association
  • Member, Structural Components Builders Association
  • Member, Mid America Lumbermen's Association
  • Member, North American Retail Hardware Association

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