Strengthening Communities & Honoring Legacies

“We firmly believe our local and entrepreneurial culture is the driving force of what we do.”

Steve Swinney, CEO
CEO & Founder of Kodiak Building Partners



Kodiak enables independent building material companies to thrive locally by providing resources that help leaders grow their business while empowering employees and customers to build their American dreams.

At Kodiak, our mission is simple: to empower local businesses and communities by providing support, resources, and opportunities for growth. Every action we take is driven by our commitment to building a better future, one partnership at a time.

OUR Vision


Creating a culture that empowers local leaders to succeed in the communities they serve.

OUR Values

At Kodiak, our values aren’t just ideals—they’re the cornerstone of our identity and the compass guiding our actions. From our entrepreneurial spirit to our commitment to collaboration, these values define who we are and how we work together to achieve success.

  1. Entrepreneurial
    Embrace innovation, seize opportunities.
  2. Driven
    Overcome challenges, exceed expectations.
  3. Local
    Rooted in communities, respect local cultures.
  4. Family
    Build strong bonds, support like family.
  5. Collaborative
    Harness teamwork, share success.


Building on Tradition: The Kodiak Story

Preserving Legacy, Fostering Growth, and Embracing Continuous Evolution

Kodiak Building Partners was born in July 2011 amidst the challenges of the Great Recession. Founded by Steve Swinney, Brian Cleveringa, Eric Miller, Kyle Barker, and Paul Hylbert, the company emerged with a mission to revolutionize the construction industry. Drawing on their expertise in financial analysis and mergers, the team envisioned a decentralized, locally driven approach that honored the tradition of family businesses while fostering growth.

Today, Kodiak stands as a testament to this vision, with a diverse portfolio spanning over 100 locations across 29 states and a workforce of 6,500 employees. Unlike traditional firms, Kodiak prioritizes local autonomy, empowering operating leaders to preserve their community connections and identities.

As we continue to grow, our promise is to uphold our vision, adapt, and relentlessly pursue continuous improvement while remaining committed to our founding principle of respect for local businesses. Together, we will continue shaping the future of the industry, one built on tradition and driven by growth.