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The Untapped Market of Potential: Attracting Women to the LBM Industry

Although the building materials industry is one of the largest industries in the country, it’s no surprise that it also lacks women talent in the workforce.

Out of the entire industry’s workforce, only 10% of employees are women—within that, 87% of those women hold office jobs and only 13% work on-site. In an industry already struggling for labor, it’s safe to say we must emphasize bringing women into the industry.

Making a Change

The lack of women in the LBM industry is obviously a problem, but how do we fix it? Like other recruiting efforts, companies must take a stratified approach to appeal to this untapped market of potential. The following are a few ways you can do your part to get women involved and interested in the industry.

1. Engineering & Technological Opportunities

A new advantage that the industry can benefit from is developing and implementing new technological advances. Possible career paths for women in the industry include:

  • Operating power tools and heavy machinery;
  • Architecture and civil engineering;
  • Design managers and project managers; and
  • Risk engineers and structural engineers.

Aside from field-based job opportunities, there is also a need for women in office jobs such as marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, IT, and other areas.

2. Recruiting & Educational Events

One of the most important ways to get women interested in the LBM industry is simple: start early. For example, many schools push STEM classes as early as primary school—why not do the same with trade professions? Get involved in organizations through schools to start encouraging women from a young age.

3. Mentorships & Apprenticeships

To create interest at a younger age, offer mentorships or apprenticeships. Providing a young woman with a role model she can learn from is one of the easiest ways to increase interest for these professions. Not only are you creating interest, but you also can create advancement opportunities at younger ages.

4. Conferences & Groups

The key to employee attraction is creating an environment for them to share their experiences, gain expertise, and network with other women. Whether it’s attending an industry conference or participating in webinars and groups like Women of LBM, getting involved is the first step to carving a space for women in the LBM world.

5. Career Advancement Opportunities & Training

Creating a culture of employee empowerment, trust, and collaboration is essential to attracting employees. Do your part to support the women in your organization with career advancement opportunities and targeted training—when your employees benefit, you benefit too.

Find Your Career at Kodiak Building Partners

Recruiting women to work in the LBM industry will be a long road that requires dedication, targeted efforts, and new ideas. At Kodiak Building Partners, we are committed to providing job opportunities for women—an untapped market with tremendous potential.

Kodiak is active in several initiatives supporting women in the industry including the Hoya Foundation, Women of LBM, and our new employee development program, North Star. Learn more about career opportunities with Kodiak and our companies across the country and join us in breaking the glass ceiling.