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Kodiak strives to create synergy and collaboration within each business segment.  Leadership teams share ideas, challenges and opportunities from supply chain to improving profitability to managing teams with the firm belief that the final decision remains at the local level.    

Doug Rapier
President – Kodiak Interiors Group

Beau Hayes
President, Jones Heartz/Drywall Material Sales/JDI

Silvio Ferrari
Gypsum Acquisition

Don Barton
President – Barton Supply

Tom Christensen
President – Christensen Lumber

Greg Ulvedal
Co-President – Specialty Appliance

Kirk Dryden
Co-President – Specialty Appliance

Kelly Fox
President, Pacific Northwest

Linda Hawkins
President – AO Door

Jerry Jehn
President – Builders Millwork

Randy Grill
General Manager – Jenkins Lumber

Craig Smigiel
President – Barnsco, Michigan

Greg Smith
President – Gulf & Basco

Raph Spinarski
President – Barnsco, Texas

Phillip Steffy
Co-President – Zarsky Lumber Company

Steve Weaver
Co-President – Zarsky Lumber Company

Mike Fairbanks
President – New England Building Supply

Ray Harper
President – EAL

Chris Borrego
President – Premier Building Supply of Kansas City

Jason Hegeholz
President – Builders Millwork

Tim Mahaffy
President – Medallion Industries

Mark Hayes
President – Forest Tek Lumber /Overseas Lumber

Michael Severa
President – Direct Lumber and Door of Colorado

Michele Garrett
President – Arizona Appliance & Home

Allen Prough
President – Factory Builder Stores

John Mandere
President – Mandere Construction and Northwest Building Components

Tom Kostelecky
Senior Advisor

Joe Marino
President – Freedom Materials.

Cliff Shimer
President – American Builders Supply

Ken Thiel
President – Carpenter Contractors of America, Inc.