Introducing the Summer Interns

Kodiak Welcomes Summer Interns to their Internship Program
The Kodiak Building Partners college internship program is designed to introduce talented and experienced business majors and liberal arts majors into the Building Products Distribution Industry. As an emerging industry leader and growing company, Kodiak Building Partners recognizes its responsibility and role in the business industry to attract and assist intelligent, young, and talented individuals to participate in the industry. As a result, Kodiak is beginning an internship program in the summer of 2018. The program and interns are supervised by Sue Lords, Vice President of Human Resources, and Steve Swinney, CEO. Interns are participating in a rotational program through various areas of Kodiak’s business projects as directed by department heads including Human Resources, Marketing and Social Media, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Investor Relations, Operations Management, and Safety.