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Wade Gardner


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Wade Gardner is the General Manager of Builders Alliance.

Wade brings over 20 years of industry experience to his role at Builders Alliance with well-rounded knowledge of sales and operations. As General Manager, Wade is responsible for overseeing all operations at Builders Alliance.

“The model and philosophy Kodiak has developed sets them apart from the competition. The next 10 years only shows more promise and opportunity to grow and flourish.”

Prior to his many management roles in the building materials industry, Wade served his country in the Army, then attended a local community college with an interest of becoming a police officer while working part-time at Copeland Lumber.

Wade began his career in the industry with Lumbermens, serving as the General Manager of several locations in California and Washington over the span of eight years. After that, Wade took a job with ProBuild as a General Manager for a few years before moving into a management role at Builders First Source. In 2016, Wade took over as General Manager for Builders Alliance.

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