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Kirk Dryden

Kirk serves as President of Kodiak’s Interiors Group and co-founder of Specialty Appliance alongside Greg Ulvedal.

As President of the Interiors Group at Kodiak, Kirk is responsible for overseeing all interiors and appliances companies including Factory Builder Stores, Arizona Appliance & Home, and Specialty Appliance.

“At Specialty Appliance, we are relationship-based—we want to be long-term partners with our team, our vendors, and our customers. This type of culture has made us a great place to work as well as a valued and trusted trade partner to our vendors and customers.”

Kirk began his career in the building materials and appliance industry as a Sales Manager for Circuit City in 1996. A few years later in 1998, Kirk left the company to found his own appliance installation company with Greg Ulvedal when the pair realized that there was a disconnect between sales and installation in the industry. Originally founded as Rocky Mountain Delivery, the company later became known as Specialty Appliance, an appliance company offering sales and installation to the builder, designer, and remodeler with expertise in the entire process from selection to post-close customer service.

As Co-President of Specialty Appliance, Kirk was responsible for overseeing all delivery and installation, inventory control, customer service, dispatch, and purchasing. As the company grew over the years, Kirk held numerous positions with various teams to improve Specialty’s value proposition. Kirk was then promoted to President of Kodiak’s Interiors Group in 2022.

When he’s not busy with the Interiors Group, Kirk volunteers as a Business Coach at a local organization that helps aspiring business owners.  You’ll also find him hanging out with his family, playing pinball, or doing anything outside.

Kirk attended the University of Colorado in Denver, CO.

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