Kirk Dryden

President, Kodiak Interiors Group

Kodiak understands what works in one market doesn’t necessarily work in another. The goal is to keep acquiring well run companies, get better and learn from each other, and let local leaders lead.



Kirk serves as President of Kodiak’s Interiors Group and co-founder of Specialty Appliance alongside Greg Ulvedal. As President, Kirk oversees all operations within the interiors and appliance sector, Arizona Appliance & Home, Don’s Appliances, Factory Builder Stores, and Specialty Appliance.

Kirk began his career in the building materials and appliance industry in 1996 as a Sales Manager for Circuit City. In 1998, Kirk and Greg recognized a gap between sales and installation, leading them to establish their appliance installation company, initially known as Rocky Mountain Delivery and later rebranded as Specialty Appliance. Overseeing delivery, installation, inventory, customer service, dispatch, and purchasing, Kirk played a pivotal role in shaping Specialty Appliance’s success, leading to his promotion as President of Kodiak’s Interiors Group in 2022.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kirk volunteers as a Business Coach at a local organization supporting aspiring entrepreneurs.  In his downtime, he enjoys quality time with family, playing pinball, and exploring the outdoors. Kirk pursued his education at the University of Colorado in Denver, CO.