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Kevin Mahaffy


4771 Arroya Vista, Suite F, Livermore, CA 94551



Kevin serves as President of Medallion Industries.

As a veteran of the building materials and construction industry, Kevin’s career began at an early age with Medallion. He progressed his way through various leadership positions, ultimately taking on the role of President in 2021.

“Medallion has always operated as one big family—some have been with us for several decades, and this fosters a team dynamic that you can’t put a price tag on.”

Kevin joined Medallion Industries in 1997 and quickly established himself as an invaluable member of Outside Sales while learning systems management and vendor software integration. In 2017, Kevin was promoted to Inside Sales Manager where he established policies and procedures that streamlined functionality between departments while overseeing significant initiatives, including the development and implementation of an incentive program for the department. Kevin then began working with Senior Management on a transition plan in 2019, assuming the role of President in 2021.

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