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John Dadderio

5005 Lima Street, Denver, CO 80239


John is the Co-President of Specialty Appliance alongside Blayne Patrick.

As Co-President of Specialty Appliance, John is responsible for the overall operations strategy for the company. John brings over 25 years of industry experience and expertise to his role.

“Our team at Specialty Appliance is what sets us apart—we’re like a family. We give 100% to our employees and in return we expect 100%.”

Before working at Specialty Appliance, John was the owner of Innovative Installations, a Colorado-based kitchen appliance installation company. During his career at Innovative Installations, John worked with many national industry brands including the Great Indoors, Sub-Wolf, BSH, and more to hone his expertise and working connections. John began working with Specialty Appliance in 2004, and 10 years later he transitioned to Specialty as VP of Logistics & Installation Manager. In 2022, John was promoted to Co-President of Specialty Appliance with Blayne Patrick.

In addition to helping lead and direct Specialty Appliance, John is also involved in a variety of community organizations including serving at the local church with his wife and helping with a charity that helps single mothers in need throughout the Front Range.

When John is not busy running Specialty Appliance and serving his community, he enjoys spending time with his family, woodworking, and participating in Colorado’s Tough Mudder challenge.

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