Greg Ulvedal

President, Kodiak Interiors Group

The best part about working with Kodiak is the autonomy of being able to run your business – Kodiak respects local management and lets you continue to be successful in the local market.



Greg holds the position of President of Kodiak’s Interiors Group and co-founder of Specialty Appliance alongside Kirk Dryden.

As President of the Interiors Group at Kodiak, Greg oversees all operations within the interiors and appliances sector, which encompasses Arizona Appliance & Home, Don’s Appliances, Factory Builder Stores, and Specialty Appliance.

Greg began his professional career in 1993 as Operations Manager for Circuit City in Las Vegas, NV. Upon returning to his home state of Colorado, he identified an opportunity in the appliance industry, leading to the establishment of Rocky Mountain Delivery Inc. In partnership with Kirk Dryden. In 2001, they further expanded their venture with the launch of Specialty Appliance.

In his role as Co-President of Specialty Appliance, Greg spearheaded sales, marketing, finance, and human resources operations across seven Colorado locations. His dedication and leadership led to his promotion to President of Kodiak’s Interiors Group in 2022. Beyond his professional commitments, Greg actively engages with various organizations in the home building and design industry and holds a BS in General Studies from northern Arizona University. When not immersed in work, Greg enjoys golf outings with clients, vendors, friends, and family, and cheers on the Broncos during football season.

Industry Expertise

  • Board, Home Builders Association