Kodiak Building Partners to Fuel Growth & Innovation with Executive Promotions

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., February 5, 2024—Kodiak Building Partners, a leading building materials distribution company, today announced four newly appointed executives who will build on recent successes and advance the company’s next phase of growth and innovation with added capacity for mergers and acquisitions.

“I am extremely proud of these individuals who have made such significant contributions to Kodiak. Their elevated leadership roles will continue to drive Kodiak forward as we expand and grow, and these moves will enhance our ability to innovate and remain a leader in our industry,” said CEO Steve Swinney.

Matt LaScola, formerly Vice President, Corporate Development & Real Estate, has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Real Estate. In this expanded role, LaScola will expand Kodiak’s acquisition and planning teams, laying the foundation for growth through acquisitions. His expertise and strategic focus will be instrumental in identifying new market opportunities, pursuing synergistic partnerships, and strengthening Kodiak’s overall market position.

Darius McCurty, previously Vice President, Corporate Controller, will play a key role in the establishment of Kodiak’s new Continuous Improvement initiative in his new role as Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller. This forward-thinking initiative aims to improve operational efficiency and support workforce development goals related to excellence and innovation by building local skill sets and implementing best practices across the organization. McCurty will continue to oversee accounting, tax, accounts receivable, and back-office administration.

Brian Huss, formerly Vice President, Finance & Treasurer, assumes the role of Senior Vice President, Finance & Treasurer. With this promotion, in addition to leading FP&A and treasury, Huss will oversee risk management, including all liability insurance and safety programs, a strategic move that aligns seamlessly with the natural fit of risk management under the treasury function to foster better integration of risk assessment and data analysis.

Monte Bride, previously Director of Marketing, has been promoted to the role of Vice President of Marketing. Bride’s strategic leadership and impactful initiatives have played a crucial role in shaping Kodiak’s marketing function, driving the company’s market presence and strategic positioning. His proven success and innovative approach will be instrumental in advancing Kodiak’s marketing strategies and fostering continued growth.

To learn more about Kodiak’s team, visit the leadership page at www.kodiakbp.com/leadership-team.

About Kodiak Building Partners

Founded in 2011, Kodiak Building Partners is a leading acquisition firm specializing in acquiring and supporting locally owned and operated building materials companies. With a strong focus on operational excellence, decentralization, and continual improvement, Kodiak empowers these businesses to succeed in the communities they serve. Kodiak’s operation employs thousands of people across the country to serve general contractors, homebuilders, sub-contractors, remodelers, and consumers.

For more information about Kodiak, please visit www.kodiakbp.com