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EAL Manufacturing, formerly known as Erect-A-Line, is a Dallas-based manufacturer and fabricator of concrete construction reinforcing products and accessories for distributors located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America. EAL MFG has been providing the industry with concrete paving, warehouse concrete slabs, and related products such as welded dowel assemblies, tiebars, rebar, smooth round, keyway, and stringline accessories for paving machines for over 50 years. 

EAL has several patents for their quality engineered products and has continually invested in their manufacturing facility to ensure production and delivery of the highest quality materials. The team at EAL firmly believes in helping their customers be successful with all their jobs, earning the reputation of being predictably excellent for all partners. EAL works tirelessly to build a culture of employees who are highly engaged and work smarter to achieve results—they value their people, win with integrity, focus on growth, and provide unmatched quality and expertise every day.

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Epoxy Line 

EAL puts customers’ projects first with their state-of-the-art 12-bar epoxy coating line that can coat sizes from 3/8ths to 2-inch diameters. Find the epoxy-coated rebar and smooth round you need to make your project a success at EAL MFG.



Tilt-wall concrete construction is a proven method for building office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, distribution centers, call centers, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial/industrial structures with speed, safety, and construction cost benefits.


Finishing Tools

EAL MFG has all the tools you need to give you the proper finish for your concrete projects. From b-brooms to hardware for straight edges, EAL supplies quality tools to complete your concrete project seamlessly and precisely.


Concrete Accessory Products

Concrete accessory products are available at EAL in numerous styles, gauges, and sizes. Choose from a variety of products for your project including curb and radius accessories, loose frame baskets, rebar and dowel supports, stakes, tie bars, multi-piece bars, and more.


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