HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO, January 3, 2023 – Kodiak Building Partners announced today that Christensen Lumber’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tim Ferguson, will now be the President of Christensen Lumber following Tom Christensen’s transition to Chairman.

“Kodiak believes Tim is the ideal President to lead Christensen’s next chapter of growth and success,” said Mike Flood, Executive Vice President of Operations at Kodiak Building Partners. “We have all been impressed by his strong track record of innovation, execution, operational excellence, and developing teams that drive results. Tim is consistently delivering high growth during rapid periods of industry disruption, consumer change, and industry advancement. He is a terrific leader, and we’re excited about his and Christensen’s futures.”

Ferguson started his career at Christensen in 1994 after graduating from Morningside College in Iowa with degrees in marketing and advertising. As the son of a carpenter and longtime Christensen customer, Ferguson learned carpentry skills at an early age and was a prime candidate for Christensen’s opening in the lumberyard and sales counter. After working at the sales counter for a year, Ferguson moved to the back counter and was later promoted to outside sales, where he remained until 2007 when he was promoted again to Sales Manager by Tom Christensen.

“Tim has deep expertise in both sales and operations for the building materials industry. He has a well-earned reputation for being forthright, possessing a nuanced understanding of the industry and our processes, and adapting quickly to a rapidly changing landscape, making Tim the perfect person for a fast-paced, historical company like ours,” said Chairman Tom Christensen. “Christensen is actively working to make modern advances in the industry to build the best possible team with the end goal of delivering the best service to our customers.”

During Ferguson’s time at Christensen as Sales Manager, he was instrumental in making the transition to solely focus on the professional builder and move away from the retail portion of the company’s business. To this day, the custom builder is the core of Christensen’s business model.

“Christensen has become a significant player in the building materials industry and has already served as a powerful catalyst throughout the past century for building in the area,” Ferguson said. “The opportunity to lead Christensen and carry on the legacy that the Christensen family has worked so hard to build excites me for the future— with Tom as my guide during my transition to President and an amazing and committed leadership team, I am confident that the company will continue to flourish.”

Following Ferguson’s promotion and a lifelong career at Christensen, former President Tom Christensen will move into an advisory role as Chairman at the company. Christensen started with Christensen Lumber as a child going to work with his father, David Christensen, and rose to President from 1999 to 2022.  The leadership change comes shortly before Christensen’s 100th anniversary, which will be celebrated in Spring 2023.

About Kodiak Building Partners

Kodiak Building Partners was founded in 2011 to acquire family-run businesses in the building material sales and distribution industries. Over the last 11 years, Kodiak has acquired over 100 locations that serve general contractors, homebuilders, sub-contractors, remodelers, and consumers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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About Christensen Lumber

Christensen Lumber was founded in Fremont, Nebraska in 1923 as a small family-owned and operated business serving the Fremont community primarily as a lumber and coal operation. As one of Fremont’s first businesses, over the last century, they have expanded their range to include the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas, with offices in all three locations. The single distribution point remains in Fremont and includes an interior and exterior door shop along with a component manufacturing plant.

For more information about Christensen, please visit www.christensenlumber.com