Harnessing AI and Automation to Address Labor Challenges

In his contributed column for Colorado Biz, Kodiak Building Partners’ Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Smith, explores how AI ands automation can help Colorado businesses overcome persistent labor challenges. Despite Colorado’s younger and more educated workforce, there is a notable gap between the availability of and demand for skilled workers. Smith discusses the potential of automation to streamline work, create efficiencies, and generate cost savings, emphasizing that these technologies should complement human capital rather than replace it.

Smith highlights examples such as robotic process automation (RPBA) and AI-driven analytics that can reduce manual effort and improve accuracy, benefiting operations and decision-making. He advises business leaders to think critically about where automation can be most effective and stresses the importance of integrating these solutions with workforce development goals to ensure long-term success.

Key strategies include:

  1. Identifying business areas where automation can provide significant benefits.
  2. Balancing automation with tasks requiring human judgement.
  3. Establishing benchmarks and monitoring outcomes.
  4. Communicating expectations and reallocating human resources effectively.

For more details on leveraging AI and automation while maintaining a strong corporate culture, read the full article by Jeff Smith on the Colorado Biz website here.